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My Story 2021 The Truth About Our Future

by JENNIFER WOOD March 12, 2021

My Story 2021 The Truth About Our Future

I really don't know where to begin this blog. The good Lord our Creator God has put this on my heart to write this.

I started this business around 2012 mainly on FB and in other peoples stores kind a like a middle man putting my stuff in there stores to help them stock there stores and they received commission of my sales.

In September of 2016 I opened my own store with the help of my awesome husband, called Jen's Kids Boutique in a small town in East Texas called Kilgore Tx. I started of just selling baby and childrens clothes. I now sell women's and preteen girls.

The other locations I was in before were all going out of business or would not advertise so they didn't get much business. At this this time I was planning my wedding and also launching my website www.jenkidsboutique.net. So let me tell you it was really a crazy month.

But I like to go back a little here. I always been what I consider good with people in sales so I thought this would be a good fit for me and now Donald Trump had won I felt like our economy would grow by leaps and bounds. And it did. Now why did I think that? Well let me explain.

I have never been in to politics or even cared about that mam, in fact I like so many people didn't even like him or watch his show on television that was about making people achieve in business called the Apprentice. In fact I thought he was a little high strung and loud for my taste.

Then in 2015 I saw some posts on a site that had been posted called Wikileaks about Clinton and I was shocked. All the evil she was involved with. Could this be true? 

You know how that little voice in your head says you should check this out well I herd it and I did.

I not being one to do research just not having the time just looked at what other people were posting and realized somehow things were not making since here.

Then I believe the Holy Spirt lead me to the path of truth and I started listening to this man called Trump and his passion for not just our county but our rights and freedoms.

It was then that I realized he was the right man for our president and even though I didn't know really why to this day It was put on my heart to do what ever I could to help him and I did.

A business you are never supposed to take on and political or religious themes but I felt it was put in my heart to do this and I did.  But truly not knowing why I had never before had this feeling.

Whatever reason either a spiritual thing or just intuition, I was not taking a chance so I began to post all over facebook and on my groups and pages about what Wikileaks had put out and what Trump was doing and standing for.

Now let me go back even further before all this to explain my religious beliefs. Now don't get me wrong I always believed in God I knew he truly knew what is in our heart but did not go to church or read the bible.

When I was young my mom had been killed in a church. A murder suicide her husband at the time was possessed by I believe demotic forces and he felt if he couldn't have her know one could so he killed her in a church parking lot while she was pregnant with his child.

Yes I was young maybe 6 or 7 and already living with my grandparents since my mom had two other children and lots of troubles but I remember it but only in bits and pieces. I loved my grandparents and was especially fond of my grandfather. 

At about the age of eleven he passed from a brain tumor and I was left with my acholic grandmother after that. She loved me but couldn't get past he addiction. This went on for a few years then I believe God opened the door for me to go to a place called The Methodist Home in Waco Tx.

This was a nice home and had good values and it helped me lot to find the true me and religion to a extend. I give a lot of credit to this place. They truly cared about children not like so many other children's homes out there.

But like so many kids I was made to go to church three maybe four times a week and it really didn't stick with me. When you find God know matter what age you have to be ready, and I was not at this time I was still dealing with my past issues. 

I had been through a lot as so many of the children there. I had trusted adults and the emotionally abused me or tried to take my innocence. I had loved my grandmother but in her drunken state she would call me horrid names know child should be called at any age. The emotional toil was hard to let go. As a child I really almost had to take care of myself and live in a lonely shell I created to deal with things. Know child should have to do this but so many are. I learned how to cope but it came with issues I have had my whole life. I have forgiven her long ago and now I realize it was never her it was her addiction that caused it for I believe she truly did love me.


After I graduated from High School I made a choice to go back to live with my grandmother who to my horror now drank even more. I soon meet a boy I had known before I had gone to the home and began a relationship with him. We were young and really immature but one thing lead to another and after a tubulate relationship I got pregnant my grandmother then forced my to have a abortion. I have lived with that my whole life ever since.

But as I said I was young with know money and head fast in love and did not want to loose him either so I sadly gave in and did it. I have blocked out a lot for it was so traumatic at the time. 

So why am I telling you this because though I believe in women's rights I also know he pain it causes and would never do it again. I pray for forgiveness often because of it. I will tell you I went though hell because of it I even had to endure the pain of reliving it when I had to go to the hospital from a infection that had been caused because they had left some of the child inside of me. The doctor made sure I saw it and it was hard It scars you for life in all ways.

Ok so off the subject here. I went on to marry that boy and had two beautiful sons with him. I am very proud of and they are truly a blessing. As you say we were young and a lot happened but we eventually ended in divorce. It was a hard break up and very painful for me. I was lost I had never loved anyone else and felt like I couldn't go on. 

So at first I tried to turn to God and I even got baptized and started going to church but I just wasn't ready and fell away from God. I wanted to do anything that made me feel better, not drugs or drinking but going out with friends to clubs and meeting men this lead my down a slippery slope.

I felt like I was like a lost child but would not call out for my FATHER. 

Yes I had a dad and we were not close yet but we are very close now and I am blessed to have him in my life now. But that's another story.

I went down this path for years. I went very close to the dark side but my heart never grew dark so I came out before it was to late. But I know what true hopelessness feels like and how easy the devil can control us and our thoughts. 

I meet my husband I have now and we began a relationship. Let me tell you when I meet him I was totally not looking for anything I know longer trusted men at all. But when we meet there was this little voice in my head told me he was a good man, and he was.

We are together today and I give that credit to the Lord. We went on to have a beautiful daughter and great life. Yes its not perfect but few relationships are.

It is because of him I have my business now. But it wasn't him that lead me back to my God or Creator it was my youngest son when he was in high school around 2014.

Now this is a crazy way but I believe it was meant to be this way. For one of my Mothers Day presents he gave me a CD that he made in school with his old baby pictures and it had a song on it by Casting Crowns called I'm Already There this song and of course pictures hit me hard and I loved it. At this time I mainly listened listened to country and some rock but never Christian music but somehow I was drawn to it.

 Strangely enough a few days later I was in my car flipping stations and that song came on so I stopped to listen. It was a station called KLOVE.  After the song was over they were doing a challenge give us 30 days and only listen to Christian music and see what happens. I did and it forever changed my life.

Ok I didn't go running to church or picked up the bible, but my heart was totally given to God our Father, Creator, Protector and Friend. 

So when I opened my store I only played Christian music and I even talked about God with customers that I felt needed hope and encouragement.

Now back to where I left off by 2015 everything changed.  I believe I was called to follow a path for truth and it was loud and clear that I was on a divine path I never expected to go down. When you feel deep inside that God is calling you for this you listen and do what you feel is right. 

Trump won and it was amazing. God Is Good as my favorite preacher in Alabama Robin Bullock say God is Absolutely Good. 

But I began noticing almost immediately the media and political figures would not leave him alone and were out to get him. They were screaming Impeach and saying he was in it with Russia.

He was doing everything he could to make America great again. Our economy was booming and things were finally looking up for us. So why all the hate?

I saw he was a man of honor and pride and he really truly cared about our Country and not even just that our World. So why so much negativity? 

It wasn't much longer after that 2020 and plandemic hit. We were all locked up and told  to wear masks I had to close my business for months.

I believe God and fate had lead me to some powerful customers who kept me going through all this and kept my business a float I am still here because the grace of God our Creator and awesome repeat customers online and when the store finally opened stood by me.

During this period of lock down I started seeing these post like Fall Of The Cabal, Great Awakening and Out of the Shadows, from a group called the Q. 

 Then I began to realize that feeling deep down inside says something isn't right here. I went down the rabbit hole as they say.  911 is it truly right that it was all planned by our own government? I had seen that on TV and witnessed the second plane hit the other tower in total shock. I remember how it felt how scared I was and how much pain it caused. I cried fo the families of the lost and our country. Could our own government and Bush really do that? Then I started watching the tapes again of the towers falling. How could a plane do that? If it hit wasn't it more likely that a piece would fall forward not the whole thing? It was scientifically possible that those towers fell like they did. But we never questioned it because we were all in such shock. What about the children yes we knew there was trafficking but children and the degree it truly showed? Could we really believe they were poisoning our foods? Who was the illuminati and where they controlling us and our banking system? Were there cures for diseases like cancer and more that have been hidden from us? I knew evil was out there but to this extent.

It was just all hard to believe but as I watched these shows that little voice in my head said you need to go deeper. And I did I listen to every utube post I could find on it and I was shocked at what I found. Satanic worship our actors, singers, politicians and more. Killing children for vanity?

People we trusted they were sacrificing children for there blood. Pizza Gate, Spy Gate and more. There was just to much evidence out there about the cabal and deep state also illuminati. 

The Q always says do not trust us do your own research and you will find the truth. Who is Q and who are the Anions? 

Well I knew President Trump had to win again so I began to post on all my sites on FB and everywhere I could the truth had to be shown.

Along with my personal page I opened a page called Silent Children about all the horrible things about the child torture and trafficking. I opened another one called Faith in God and Trump.

I did everything to let the truth be known I even posted short segments on Trump and the Q on every site I could. We had to wake people up about what was really happening they were censoring us everywhere. 

Why censor if there is know truth to this? What are you afraid of? Why hide the truth about Hunter Biden, Clinton, and Deep State, llumuminati if there is no truth to it?

One day to my shock few months before elections I opened FB to find out they had completely took all my platforms off even my business pages and I had lost all my over 20 thousand followers, friends and customers.

It was all gone and I had to start all over. Yes I cried a lot I was in shock.  Years and years of hard work building my FB groups, pages, followers, customers and more completely gone and no reason given nothing I could do because they had shadow banned me for telling truth.

How do you start over after that? Well I did I changed my name and sent more requests and never gave up this is a fight for Life our Freedom, Good vs Evil, God vs Satin and they are not going to shut me up. Like so many others I prayed, held my own Trump rally in my small town. Spoke truth to my customers and totally believed God has this and I still do.

Then came day of election it was going great at first then they just stopped and everything was put on hold. I had stayed up till almost 3am my time and the president had came out and said this was not right. That they would find secret ballots in the middle of night and it was not going to be good and it was not good at all.

So the next morning it was in complete shock. Biden was in the lead.

I had listened to the profits Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr, Dutch Sheets, Amanda Grace, Tim Sheets, Robin Bullock, Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo, Kent Christmas, Timothy Dixion and so many more could they all be wrong about the LANDSLIDE? What about Kim Clement he predicted Trump long before he ever thought about running for president that he was chosen by God and would be the president for two terms.  No way they were all wrong these preachers were anointed by God like in the Bible like Elishia was. 

I had watched the patriots the digital soldiers as General Flynn call it. Like Juan O Savin, Gene Decode, Pryme Minister, David Rodriguez, X22 Report, Patriot Street Fighter that's done by Scott McKay, Mel K General Mcinerney, Simon Parks, General Mike Flynn and so much more. These are true patriots who love us and children and totally believe in Trump.

There were so many good people fighting for our president. They believed in him and he truly won and he did. Look how hard was Lynne Wood and Sidney Powel fighting for the TRUTH. 

So after complete shock and pain I thought how could this happen? Then the truth began to come out how dead people voted, dogs and cats voted, thousands upon thousands of secret ballots showing up in the middle of the night, The truth about the machines being rigged and ballots being ran over and over and over again all for Biden and in my heart I knew as so many others did the real truth. It was STOLEN not just from him but US. We had voted in the millions. We had prayed, We had fasted and our voice was Stolen too.

Where was the fairness? Why did they just try to say there was nothing here to see, just move on and accept what we say. They just pretended there was no fraud and are voice didn't count. They covered it up with judges that were corrupt and evil and had been bought off so they wouldn't listen. 

Watching all the hearings. Hidden ballots under tables. Ballots being put in after they left. Hiding the truth anyway they could  and no judges would speak up do the right thing even the supreme court.

Does that mean we give up No! If a robber breaks in and steals your children, possessions and makes it in the get away car and down the road do we say oh well he got to far so we just let him go? Heck No we fight with everything we got to get our children and stuff back you never back down you never give up. 

 The anointed profits they didn't back off they knew the truth and never backed down and still believe he is Gods choice and will be back this year and so do I.

You can find these amazing people on UTUBE, FB and there websites and listen to them personally. They are steadfast in there beliefs on what God has spoken and are still saying and that Trump is the true winner and he will come back this year 2021 not 2024. 

Ok yes it sounds crazy but we are now in Biblical Times. We are following the bible. We are in the End Times but not the final times we are getting ready for the thousand years of peace and prosperity, love and forgiveness spoken in the bible and Heaven on earth.

Yes it is crazy nothing makes since. If he is not the president why are the pipelines shutting down and why are we bombing other countries? The truth is we have to be awaken it is God our Creators plan to show us how it could be. To show the evilness of the dark side. How crazy the world could be? They have stolen, lied to us called us crazy raciest and shut us up completely. Its ok for there side to burn churches, business, and whole streets but we are crazy conspirators. 

Is it ok to shut small business down but leave big corporate stores open? Shut the doors of churches but leave liquor stores open? We cant eat out but politicians can we cant go spend times with our family but they can. How is this fair? Masks how do they protect us the eyes are unprotected and most virus come from contact to the eyes. Masks make us breath our own carbon dioxide which any doctor says that can effect your health even more. 

Have you ever truly looked into what affects it does not just to your health but to your mental health. Its like being muzzled like a dog. How do you think all this will affect our children? How are children being affected by isolation and shock? 

Yes we want to protect our children but are we truly do this? Look up viruses what cause them, How do they act? we have been lied too. Look at what this done to elderly. Why does this target the week and old? Look up Gates and his idea of depopulation. Look up his history and beliefs and dont get me started about others.  This was all part of a grand plan to stop the booming economy Trump had made and cheat in the election by mail in ballots. This is a way to scare us to believing we must depend on the government to keep us safe and take care of us. The beginning of socialism, our rights taken from us, our voice taken from us, and our religious belief taken from us that is what socialism is and what the devil wants.

What kind of future would we have? What kind of world would our children and grandchildren have?

I could go so deep into what they had planned for us and our future but I believe God has this and like I said this is Biblical Times and we just have to have faith.

Yes one of the worst days of my lives was inauguration day. I didn't even really watch. I kept waiting for the arrests and they never came so like so many millions almost 80 million people that voted for Trump and not the basement guy the man who couldn't even 12 people to his talks but trump had thousands and thousands of supporters at his rallies and events. But this man who didn't really even know what was going on was being sworn in how could this be?

But then I noticed things the military would not even hardly look at him, look at the way the audience looked they look scared and like they were at a funeral. Nothing added up all the barbwire around the capital and White House. How could this be. Then the truth came out, not by the media of course but by the patriots this was all a show it was pre recorded and the military was in charge not him.

Life takes us through twists and turns but truth is always better then fiction. So why is Biden not in the White House? Why is everything filmed in Castle Rock Studios? Why is he riding in a fake Air Force 2 and why is his secret service all Chinese and wearing jeans and keds?  Why are they driving him around in dirty SUVS? Anyone should knows that the president cars has to be polished to the max and so does the planes.  Trump is still using Marine 1 and Airforce one to travel? and his SUVS and planes is spotless. Don't believe me look it up look at the pictures and posts.

So what is going on with all these new bills the fake president is signing? Why is he reversing everything Trump did? Why is he trying to put us in war. Why is he being so secret on everything and confused all the time? He hasn't even given us A State Of Union Address but Trump did at CPAC? What's going on here?

Ok so what does this have to do with my business you ask?  Well they tried to make minimum wage $15 hour. What do you think that would do to small business? There trying to open the borders to people that are infected with small pox and other infections. They are trying to shut the oil industry down and that is lot of my customers income. 

So ask yourself why are they giving so much money to China and Iran. They want to shut down our pipelines but give money to China for there's. Does this truly make since? Why are they trying to turn us against each other we are all Gods children, we all bleed the same blood. Does any of this seem real? Canceling Mr Potato. Dr Suess and much more. 

Ok is this the world you want for your children? Why is there so much hate right now? God our Creator he made us in love and light and wanted us to live that way. The Holy Ghost Jesus Christ lives in so many of us. He died on the cross for us and our sins why would he want our world to be like this? God can do anything yes he gives us his children free will. But he can step in and put people in place to change things and events. He is the Prime Creator and He has his will. We prayed. We called out. We voted and he is now listening.

This Country was built on values and beliefs in God and for God. our for fathers fought for life, liberty, and freedom and our Constitution, Look up the real one what it really says how did they turn it into a corporation and make us as as collateral? Look it up look up the Trump Ode To The Corporation report on the marsshallreport.com it will shock you. in 1871 a sedious act was preformed by the Government and they rewrote the Constitution and put We The People in capital letters under a new Corporation of the United States of America which transferred the power of We The people and the power of the people and the constitution over to the new corporation which was centered in Washington DC This action made Washington DC a foreign entity on American soil of sovereign states It was established through a loan from the Vatican when D.C was transfered into a city-state and this corporation entity then ruled over the people Citizens rights were taken from them in this process No one realized this. Did you know we are not suppose to pay taxes? That the IRS is illegal here?

In 2018 Trump signed a order look it up if you don;t already know on Election Interference/Fraud for entities foreign and domestic it outlined how assets would be seized in doing this.  But why has he not used this yet? Is this the Trump card.  Our military has died for our freedoms over and over again for many years. Do you really believe God is not going to step in? 

Yes so much to learn. So much has been covered up. So many lies and evil. But our world and most of us believe in our freedom and religion. Most of us have a heart and want what is best for our future and our children's. Most of us a empathetic and caring. Most of us love children and animals and have morals and values. 

We as children of God try to do the right thing more or less. So now what do we do keep our eyes shut? Do we say there is nothing we can do to change it so we accept it? Do we just be sheep and get lead to the slaughter? Do we say there is know way this could be true? 

Or do we stand up and let our voice be loud? Do we stay a sleep or awaken to the truth? Do we fight for what we believe in and let our voices be loud and proud? This is a war this is Good versus  Evil and so many children are at stake. How do we close our eyes? How do we allow babies to be killed right after birth? How do we allow children to be killed for vanity? Look up the secret tunnels everywhere. Look up Gene Decode. Can we really live with ourselves if we do?

Is this what our Father God wanted for us all his children. He created our world, the universe and human race do you believe he is a mean God? He allows things to happen to punish us or teach us? I do not believe that. The devil does make things happen he looks for weak and needy people and doors to open for him and if we allow he leads us away from God. God is all good but he gave us free will and that is hard for any Father. 

Just like a Father he will step in and change things when he feels that we truly need mercy. Gods children have cried out. To much pain and blood has been spilt. 

So where do we go from here do we just wait and see? Do we just give up? That is the question I believe great things are in our future many changes but in a good way. Like the Israelites we were chosen to be here in this timeline. We were chosen to awaken to the truth. We were chosen to go through this to lift us to the light and truth about who we are and what are future has instore. All God wants for us is to be patient and have faith in him and believe he has this.

If you need more info on the truth join telegram look up the patriots. Look up groups like Q Full Disclosure, The Awakening-Truth 24/7, Great Awakening Channel, Space Force News and more. What do you have to loose?

God Bless Us All












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