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Mustard Pie Fall And Holiday is Here

by JENNIFER WOOD October 03, 2017

Mustard Pie Fall And Holiday is Here

Mustard Pie Fall And Holiday is Here at www.jenskidsboutique.net.  Mustard Pie Clothing is a adorable boutique girls clothing brand that creates refreshing collection of little girl’s clothes. Mustard Pie sets the bar for unique elegance pretty high and takes children into consideration when designing each and every one of its unique pieces of design


. These boutique dresses for kids are designed to flatter your little one with their beautiful colors and prints, originality and superb craftsmanship. With the hope to allow your kid to express their creative imagination, the delightful colors and comfortable fabrics this designer is one of a kind.

Perfect for fall pictures you can't go wrong at www,jenskidsboutique for Mustard Pie.

Mustard Pie clothing is for the whimsical girl with a wild imagination. Designer, Shannon Rihm, came up with the name Mustard Pie after reminiscing about an experience as a 5 year old when she wanted to show her mother how much she loved her by making her a lemon meringue pie out of the only thing she could find that was yellow: mustard. Her hope in designing Mustard Pie clothing is to help girls express their creative imagination in what they choose to wear and to help them feel like the special and unique individuals that they are! Mustard Pie is known for offering a vast array of pieces that all mix and match to make an infinite number of outfits. Staples include the Scrappy Ramona Dress, the McKenna Dress, the Harper tees and tanks and their signature Tango Leggings you can't go wrong at www.jenskidsboutique.net for Mustard Pie.

So check out adorable designs like Mystic Evergreens, Woodlands Magic, or Jeweled Forest we have it all so check out Jen's Kids Boutique.



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