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It Has Been A Long Three Months But Jens Kids Boutique Is Open

by JENNIFER WOOD September 20, 2016

It Has Been A Long Three Months But Jens Kids Boutique Is Open

It has been a long three months but Jens Kids Boutique is finally open. It was my dream one day to open my own boutique and website but never thought it would be possible. I had been doing this business since 2012 but I was in other peoples boutiques and face book. I loved what I did and enjoyed going to Dallas World Trade Center to pick out these adorable children's outfits and accessories. Serendipity Children's clothingAs a middle man, as they say I would put my adorable items in stores all around East Texas and they would just take a percentage then I began offering my items on face book and pintrest and it snowballed from there. My customer base grew and I had some awesome loyal customers and made a great business.

But as the oil field began to fail so did some of the businesses I was in and I had to make a decision to give it up all together or just bite the bullet and go for my dream and thanks to my awesome husband to be he pushed me to follow my dream.

Following my dreams was hard, before we meet I was a single mom with two small boys working just to keep food and clothes on my boys and trying to get over my broken heart. 

I didn't have much faith in myself or God but then I meet my future husband he showed me that I was smart and with a little faith I could do anything I set out to do.

So I did it I jumped in and found a location in Kilgore Tx that I liked and God opened the doors and I said lets do this!

It is one thing to say lets do this but another to truly do it. First we had contracting issues what should have taken a month or so took three months we went way over budget,and we missed opening before schools started due to window guys not showing up, issues with trying to get the website up and let me tell you have you ever tried to bar code, take pictures and put descriptions on a website of hundreds of products and still cook for your family, take your kids here and there and be a mom and wife

 It hasn't been easy at the same time after 12 years I was also planning my wedding so I had to plan a wedding, open a store and get a website up in three months. Sound impossible well it seemed it a few times. Let me tell you it is know easy task to have a e commerce website especially when I was doing everything old school before and I mean old school . I knew nothing about websites or how to build one the terms to use how to get your site to crawl or any of those google terms. I spent hours trying to learn but these terms were all new to me. Thank God I found Shopify and from there I expert that knew what he was doing lol. If it hadn't been for Kevin I would be lost I call in my angle that God sent me when I was about ready to give up.

It is not easy to get out there I have plastered Face Book, Pintrest, Twitter, and everything to get it out there. I am very proud of my new website but Google takes forever to pick up new sites, so you have to Blog, Tweet and Beg people to share your posts.  I didn't even know what hashtag meant till now lol. 

Haute Baby at www.jenskidsboutique.net

So with the help of awesome friends, my kids and of course future husband we are now open. Yes Jen's Kids Boutique is now open in Kilgore Tx at 1610 N Hwy 259 Suite 6 across from AllStar Ford Tuesday thru Sat 10 am to 6 pm and on my new website www.jenskidsboutique.net. we offer easy lay away terms and I have awesome sales and clearances right now.

ZaZa Couture childrens clothing

Finally after contracting issues, sleepless nights, and the hardest work I have ever done we are finally open and on the internet and I am walking down the isle this Sunday. 



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